Dominique Kuster

Personal Data

First Name Dominique
Last Name Kuster
Nationality CH
Birth Year 1966


French Mother tongue
English Fluent
German Basic
Italian Beginner
Mandarin chinese Beginner


1990 Ecole d'ingénieurs ETS à Bienne
1986 Ecole Supérieure de Commerce à Sierre

Diploms and Grades

2003 MCP (Microsoft Certifed Professional)
1997 MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer)
1997 MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) MSF SDD
1995 MCP (Microsoft Certifed Professional)
1990 Bachelor of Computer Science
1986 Business School Diploma


2003 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET
2003 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET
1997 Developing Applications with C++ Using the MFC Library
1997 Microsoft Visual Basic® 5 Programming
1997 Microsoft® Windows™ Operating Systems and Services Architecture I & II
1995 Microsoft Visual Basic® 3 Programming
1995 Microsoft® Windows™3.1


Programming languages Visual Basic .NET, TypeScript, Transact SQL, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C#, VBA, C/C++, PL/SQL, Java
Tools & Technologies Visual Studio .NET 2003-2015, .NET Framework, Microsoft Enterprise Library, IIS, NAnt, PowerDesigner, InkScape, Paint.NET, Visual Studio 6-10, COM, Embedded C++, .NET Compact Framework, Pocket PC SDK, ATL, Microsoft User Interface Process Application Block, log4net, NDoc, MS SQL Reporting Services
DBMS (developer profile) SqlServer, Transact SQL, ANSI SQL, Oracle, Access, PL/SQL
Internet/Intranet JQuery, JSON, MVC4, XHTML, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, CGI/ISAPI, Content Management, Web Services, WCF, ASP
Methods Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, SDD (Microsoft Solution Development Discipline), UML
Operating Systems Windows XP,7, Window server 2003,2008, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Window NT, Windows 2000, PocketPC 2002, Windows CE, Linux
Legend: Bold=mastering, normal=basic or past knowledge, italic=beginner or obsolete

Job History

DKinformatique ( 2014-2015

Indépendant / Freelance

Custom development with the Microsoft .NET technologies.

Medical Link Service (Nyon) 2015 (13 months)

  • Design and development of an application platform for MedLink application development
  • Implementation of shared packages for the MedLink applications
  • Full rewrite of the MedLink portal
  • Development coordination and lead on various MedLink applications.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, SQLServer, NuGet

Medical Link Service (Geneva) 2014 (6 months)

  • Development of a web application for resource allocation.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC, JavaScript, JQuery

Medical Link Service (Geneva) 2004 (24 months)

  • Maintenance of an application for the management and follow-up of medical cases. (in progress)

ASP.NET, VB.NET, NAnt, Mobile development, Web Services

DKinformatique ( 2007-2013

Indépendant / Freelance

Custom development with the Microsoft .NET technologies.

Medical Link Service (Geneva) 2013 (4 months)

  • Development of a web application for schedule planification.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC, JavaScript, JQuery

Nestlé 2009 (5 months)

Partnership with MITC Sàrl
  • Analysis and development of a WCF web service to forward market customer information into the Oracle CRM.

VB.NET, ASP.NET, SqlServer, Enterprise Library, WCF, Siebel/CRMOD

Medical Link Service (Geneva) 2007 (24 months)

  • Maintenance of an application for the management and follow-up of medical cases. (in progress)

ASP.NET, VB.NET, NAnt, Mobile development, Web Services

Nestlé 2007 (60 months)

Subcontractor for MITC Sàrl
  • Migration and development of an application for the validation and monitoring of analytical methods ( (in progress)

Windows application, VB.NET, NUnit, SqlServer, Dundas Winchart, Enterprise Library, ASP.NET

DKinformatique ( 2003-2006

Indépendant / Freelance

Custom development, study, analyses and training in the area of mobile computing, PDA, SmartPhones and Internet with the Microsoft .NET technologies.

Medical Link Service (startup) 2005 (3 months)

  • Development of a smart client application on Windows Mobile for Smartphone and PocketPC
  • Maintenance of an application for the management and follow-up of medical cases.

ASP.NET, VB.NET, NAnt, Mobile development

eRocca SARL (France) 2005 (1 month)

  • Development and documenting of a reusable component for the Compact Framework implementing a digital slate.

C#, Compact Framework

Cargill Geneva 2005 (0.3 month)

Subcontractor for ITTA Geneva
  • C# and ASP.NET training


IPM International SA 2005 (0.2 month)

With Axineo Association
  • Custom training 'C# programing with Visual Studio .NET'

C#, Visual Studio.NET

Integrys SA (Genève) 2005 (0.4 month)

Various trainings about Microsoft technologies
  • XML Training
  • Customizing Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003
  • Upgrading ASP Skills to ASP.NET


Nestlé 2005 (18 months)

Subcontractor for MITC Sàrl
  • Offsite developement of a Windows application built with VB.NET delivered to the users through Internet Explorer. The application enables the user to compute optimal target net content using pre-modelled regulations with a graphical display.
  • Code review, tuning and optimisation for a Microsoft CRM 2.0 custom application for PocketPC
  • Offsite developement of an ASP.NET application managing, collecting and presenting key performance indicators.

VB.NET, NUnit, NAnt, FIT, SqlServer, Dundas Winchart, .NET Compact Framework, Enterprise Library, Infragistics, MS SQL Reporting Services, ASP.NET

Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) 2004 (6 months)

Subcontractor for Alpha Sàrl
  • Integration of Microsoft Application Blocks: User Interface Process Application Block, Configuration Management Application Block, Exception Handling Application Block.
  • Implementation of a C# framework to support in-house development of Windows applications.
  • Integration of various open-source blocks and utilities: Nant, Nunit, log4net, NDoc.

Architecture, .NET, C#, Windows Forms, Microsoft Application Blocks

Philip Morris International 2004 (0.5 month)

subcontractor for b-i
  • Design of a framework for windows UI application with the following features: modular plug & play architecture, code securing to prevent the use of application modules out of normal context.

Architecture, .NET, Windows forms

Cargill (Geneva) 2004 (1 month)

  • Design and presentation of a .NET introduction course covering the framework, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and ODP.NET (Oracle provider). The course ended with a small workshop.

.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, ODP.NET Genève 2004 (1 month)

  • Response to a RFC from WHO for a 200000USD turnkey project. Design, planning, cost calculation, team selection.

Architecture, design, planning, .NET, MS-Project

CEH Genève 2003 (0.5 month)

  • Validation of a client/server application architecture. Report writing and consulting.

Architecture, VB.NET, Windows Forms

.NET Managed User Group of Switzerland 2003

  • Co-founder of the association.
  • Board member as secretary and treasurer.


DKinformatique 2003 (0.5 month)

  • Utility to mount virtual CD with Virtual CloneDrive.

Visual C++, COM, Windows shell

Université de Genève 2003 (2 months)

  • Platform for haptic experiments (with an external rotor) for a research project at the university of Geneva, department of psychology. The application provides an environment for the person leading the experiment to create control scripts.

Visual Basic .NET, Windows Forms, .NET Scripting

Philip Morris International 2003 (1 month)

  • Design and development of an Intranet application architecture.
  • Code review.

Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, XML, XSL

R&D DKinformatique 2003 (7 months)

  • Module development for the OpenSource project DotNetNuke.
  • Query interface for an on-line english-chinese dictionary.
  • .NET Component to send SMS to various providers.
  • Internet application to edit and download (by air) mobile logos.
  • Mobile internet application 'Forum and chat'.
  • Flashcard application for PocketPC.
  • Chinese-English dictionary for PocketPC

ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, SMS, SqlServer, Compact Framework, Mobile Internet Toolkit, PocketPC, Embedded C++

BI 1995-2002

Lead Consultant

BI Business Information - USWeb/CKS - marchFIRST - blue infinity

Nestlé 2001-2002 (24 months)

  • .NET Evaluation, standard definitions and prototypes.
  • Development support, quality assurance, technical research.
  • Tools development for the internat Intranet Content Management System (Nikita).

Visual Basic, COM, MTS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, .NET, XML, XSL

Nestlé 2000 (3 months)

  • Development of a worldwide intranet application for the input of various insurance data.
  • Development of publishing and search components for the new CMS Intranet system (Nikita).

Visual Basic, COM, MTS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript

Darier & Hentsch 1999 (1 month)

  • Intranet requirement analysis, major contribution as a systems architect.

Strategic Consulting

Orange Communication SA 1999 (8 months)

  • Intranet application for dealer and dealer commission management.
  • Development team leader.

Oracle, ASP, HP/UX, C++, Tuxedo

Valmet 1998 (6 months)

  • Analysis and architecture design for an international wage calculation system.
  • Development team leader.
  • Development of various 'proof of concept' prototypes.

VB6, Interdev, Oracle

Credit Suisse Zurich 1997 (4 months)

  • SNA middleware development. MFC and VB training.

C++, ,ATL , VB5

Haemonetics SA 1996 (3 months)

  • Design of an object oriented GUI application for the real time monitoring of blood collecting equipments.

C++, PowerBuilder

GKNI,.Lloyds Bank, Ascom, Rolex, BIT, SBS, Etat de Fribourg 1995-1997

  • Sales support and leading of various ATEC trainings.

Visual Basic V3 à V5, Programming for the Windows NT Environment with C, Programming with the Microsoft Foundation Class, HTML & Programming for the Internet, Introduction to the Internet, Crystal Report, The C++ language

Bearbull (1 month)

  • Development of an Active/X control to use charting and mathematical features of Mathematica 3.0 from MS-Access reports.

Visual C++

Vaudoise Assurances (1 month)

  • Development of a service to compare large amounts of Word documents and analyse the results.

Word Basic 7.0, Visual Basic, Remote OLE automation.

Merril Lynch Bank (2 months)

  • Design and development of a tool to index and split huge legacy text files for CD-ROM archiving.

Visual C++, Visual Basic

Bobst (1 month)

  • Study, prototyping and consulting on the use of 'Entire Broker' for data replication between ADABAS and RDB.

C, Pascal, rdb-SQL, VMS, Natural, Entire Broker, HP-UX

Lloyds Bank (1 month)

  • Consulting on Microsoft Solution Development Discipline.


Hewlett Packard (1 month)

  • Design and prototyping of an Intranet application for HR.

Internet Information Server, SQL Server, C++, HTML

Surge Trading (1 month)

  • Development of a tool to acquire real time trading data (Telerate) to feed a SQL database.

Visual C++, MFC

Centre de recherche Nestlé (1 month)

  • Design and development of a helper utility for remote access dialing.

Visual C++

Natsoft 1993-1995

Senior Consultant

Now Cambridge Technology Partners in Geneva

Philip Morris 1995 (3 months)

Projet IRIS (International Reusable Infrastructure and Systems)
  • Project leader for the packaging of the FAST project infrastructure.

Visual Basic 3, C

Philip Morris 1994 (12 months)

Projet FAST (Financial Analysis Simulation & Tracking)
  • Design and implementation of an architecture and infrastructure (IRIS) for the development of a client/server application project of 5000md.
  • Definition of programming and user interface standards.
  • Design and implementation of starterkit for developers.
  • Code review, source and build management.
  • Technical support of the developement team.

Visual Basic 3, DB2

Philip Morris 1993 (6 months)

Various projects
  • Design and development.

SQLWindows, SQLBase

Lloyds Bank, Cern

  • Technical training.

MSF SDD, C++, Object Oriented Development

D. Kuster 1990-1993

Software Engineer

Alibi Technologies 1992-1993 (6 months)

  • Design and development of a platform to build videotex applications.
  • Development of various videotex applications and namely 'Yellow pages'

Interactive UNIX, YACC, LEX, C, X.25, ISAM, Videotex

Scopus Informatique (Sierre) 1990-1992 (18 months)

Co-founder of the company.
  • Design of a development library for business applications.
  • Design and development of a business application for tourism offcies.
  • Design and development of a Videotex page editor.

Magic 3, C++, Windows SDK, Vidéotex